Financial translations

Financial translation is a diverse field. This means that financial translators need extensive specialist expertise.

Due to the fast pace of the financial sector, they also need to develop their knowledge on an ongoing basis.

The language experts at ALINEA follow the latest developments on the financial market and guarantee you wide-ranging and up-to-date knowledge of the sector.

An overview of the range of translation services we offer:


  1. Press releases
  2. Websites
  3. Marketing brochures
  4. Product brochures

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Financial reporting for industrial companies, banks and funds

  • Annual reports (IFRS, HGB, US GAAP)
  • Interim, quarterly and monthly reports

Just as precision and transparency are key qualities in accounting, financial reports are a decisive component of a company’s image.

An overview of the range of
translation services we offer



  • Stock analyses
  • Bond reports
  • Market analyses
  • Country analyses

Research reports provide up-to-the-minute analysis and are often soon outdated. They pose a threefold challenge for translators; the basic requirement is extensive specialist knowledge of the financial sector. This should be supplemented by knowledge of industries, markets and countries. The third and final decisive factor is speed, to ensure that your reports reach readers in good time.

Portfolio management

Corporate governance and compliance

Private equity

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