Commercial law

Globalisation means that multilingual communication is becoming increasingly important in international commerce

Translating legal texts requires wide-ranging expertise and sound knowledge of the different jurisdictions. Entrust this complex task to our team of qualified certified translators who will translate your text in-house with great care and stylistic competence – so you avoid any nasty surprises.

Our experienced legal translators attend regular in-house training sessions.

We ensure the confidentiality of your legal documents. We use a secure transfer system and texts are prepared by our permanent staff on the server in our Frankfurt office.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Banking and capital market law
    • Prospectuses
    • IPOs
    • Financing
    • Financial supervision
  • Company law / corporate M&A
    • Due diligence reports
    • Information memoranda
    • Merger contracts
    • Public takeover bids
  • Tax law
  • Labour law
  • Protection of intellectual property rights
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