Annual reports

Annual reports are an advertisement for your company – they are one of the most important marketing instruments you have and cost a great deal of time and money.

Shouldn’t just as much care be taken with the translation? This is why choosing the right translation service is vital.

Choosing ALINEA has the following advantages:


Our experienced translators have extensive knowledge of this area and ensure that the legal requirements are met.

Annual reports contain complex information. This must be expressed in language that is easy for each target group to read and understand. The stylistic skill of the ALINEA team will impress your readers, from the technical terminology of the financial statements to the more creative nature of the general information.

Project management

The length of annual reports and the requirement for consistency from year to year demand professional management of the translation project. We offer reliable planning, flexibility and consistency of translation to help you complete your project with the utmost professionalism.

Modern translation technology is essential to meet your expectations in terms of quality, reliable planning, flexibility and consistency.

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