We focus on quality

Reassuringly competent

Translation is not a mechanical process. The focus is actually what you as the client want from the translation. We see a translation as a conversion of the source text into the target language. As a result, you receive translations which read like good original texts – fluent, eloquent, succinct.

This is ensured because our translators are skilled linguists who translate exclusively into their own native languages. For quality assurance purposes, the text is then proofread for content and style by a second expert native speaker.

The ALINEA team’s high degree of specialisation guarantees our expertise. As other clients before you, you too will recognise that “translators at ALINEA know what they are talking about and how to say it”.

ALINEA’s clear focus on quality means you avoid lengthy checking processes of your own. In addition, you minimise the risk that damage to your image or an incorrect translation could pose to your company. The increase in the quality of your translated documents will ultimately release internal resources which you can use more efficiently elsewhere.

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