Economic translations

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We have the solution for your difficulties finding highly qualified translators for business, economics, finance and law.

  • We stick strictly to your deadlines, allowing you to publish your project on time.
  • Our tranlation experts spare you the lengthy process of revising translation projects. A second translator carefully proofreads your texts.
  • Our project manager Elisa Zimmermann provides you with competent and friendly support in the coordination of your translation projects.
  • Our translators are happy to support you during any bottleneck or in turbulent times – but our clients also appreciate our competence in less hectic periods.

Economic translations

The language experts at ALINEA have sound knowledge of economics and business.

This expertise is kept up to date through regular in-house training sessions as well as by the very nature of our daily work.

Texts from the following areas are part of our everyday business:

Reports, analyses and studies are often highly topical and quickly out of date. They pose a threefold challenge for translators; the basic requirement is extensive specialist knowledge of the financial sector. This should be supplemented by knowledge of industries, markets and countries. The third and final decisive factor is speed, to ensure that your reports reach readers in good time.

  • Macroeconomics
    • Studies of economies and markets
    • Money market reports
    • Labour market analyses
    • Securities market studies
  • Business
    • Marketing and communications
    • Finance
    • Financial and management accounting
    • Taxes
    • Human resources
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